Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Conclusion - Part 7 - What to Expect - Fatigue

7. Fatigue - This lasted for the first couple days or so. During the first few days it was the most extreme, especially by the afternoon.  The tiredness is caused by the body using most of it’s energy to break down and eliminate toxins.  You find you need to eliminate or dramatically reduce the amount of physical exercise you participate in because of low levels of energy.  Try to schedule workouts in the morning if you are suffering from detox induced fatigue.  You can try the Isagenix e+Shot after lunch to get you through the afternoon.   
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The Good News - Typically during a body detox, and clean eating reset, the darkness is followed by the light with benefits that far outweigh the symptoms. These can include deeper sleep, more vivid dreams and even feelings of euphoria. Personally I enjoy the increased energy, healthier skin, weight loss, eliminating bloating / feeling lighter and perhaps most importantly the change in eating habits that I hope we will all strive to keep.  

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