Monday, April 11, 2011

At The Cross Roads.

A little while ago I posted on the blog some great advice from Chelsea B. our guest speaker at our first accountability meeting.  At the meeting we talked about setting goals, and changing our goals to continue striving for something.  So here I find myself almost at the acquisition of my goals.  I am at a crossroads of what to do, what new goals to set.  My original goals where to reach a certain weight (and if my cleanse continues the way it has been going I will have reached my goal before the months end), have more energy (check), feel better in my skin (check), and enjoy my meals not just continually eat (check).  I am at the end of my personal training package too, so my new goals and list of ways to reach them will determine what I need to continue.  Goals are important and knowing what they are determines what you need to do to accomplish them.  I know that at the very least I want to maintain what I have worked for, but I know that I want to reach for some new goals as well.  Perhaps 6 pack abs before bikini time?  This will be a tough one, have to start thinking.

What are your goals?  Any new one for the summer?

Check out this Blog post From my gym member too, great guidance on goals

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