Monday, May 2, 2011

The Results are IN!

The last 30 days have been a challenge for me, both mentally and physically.  Staying on the cleanse is not easy, but I set a goal and I was determined to follow the path to get to it.  I feel so great, have lots of energy and have great mental clarity.  This is a 30 day journey I recommend to everyone.  My results are a directly related to hard work and determination I put into the challenge I created for myself. 

Here are the results.

Total inches Lost = 28.5 ( my largest change was 5.5 inches where my muffin top USED to be!! YA!!)

Total Body Fat Lost = 7 %

Total Weight Lost = 12 lbs ( 2 over my goal!)

My goals where to drop the last 10 lbs (I lost 12), get into the lean body fat % (I am right in the middle of the lean %) and to get rid of my remaining muffin top (totally gone!).  I have accomplished all them and more, thanks to the cleanse,support from my "Isagenix Sisters" (that is what I am calling you ladies, you know who you are!), and my Hubby who was there to push me when I wasn't "feeling it", and my family that continue to always encourage and support my endeavours no matter how crazy others may think I am.  I know I am bragging, but really, I feel like I earned that right.

If you are seriously considering creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself, this is the place to start! 

Thanks again to EVERYONE who was there for me and encouraged me to keep going!

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