Thursday, August 25, 2011

Imaginary Friends


I guess in a way this is a vent post, or a cry baby b*tch session, you decide. Either option works for me.

I took the summer off from my blog and BOY IT IS SHOWING! I revamped the blog (myself, after the girl I had paid to do it backed out, for good reason, but still. That reminds me she owes me my $ back). I was overly optimistic and thought my followers would jump right back on with me....... But that hasn't happend. I have been all over the blogging world, commenting, reading, leaving my mark, yet notta! I feel like I'm talking to myself here. I do get some comments here and there but not like the on going conversatons I see on some of my favorite blogs. Yes I know those awesome women put a lot more time and effort into their blogs than I can, or do. Nothing comes easy, you gotta work at it, right? Perhaps I am just looking for some affirmation that people really are reading, and I am not just a rambling fool...........
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