Friday, August 26, 2011

Soaking my Oats, Dipping Tomatoes, and other fun ideas....

O get your mind out of the gutter, I said "soaking", not sowing! (is that even how u spell it? Sew, sow? I realy have no idea) ANYWHO.....

I have been working on a couple back to school recipe ideas, and I came across this pointer for steel cut oats. Soak them overnight! Just put your oats, spices and if you like some dried fruit on the pot. Pour in the water so everything is just covered, put the lid on and go to bed. When you get up in the morning, all you have to do is heat it up. If you need to add a little extra water or milk to keep it from drying out.

Oh, and the tomato thing. I roasted some cherry tomatoes and used the leftover garlic sour cream from the other day, mmmmmm. That is all i have to say!

So I am working on a bunch of back to school stuff, and lets be honest, it really isn't to benefit anyone but myself! Ha, honesty, gotta love it! I have 3 boys heading to school this year which means lots of packing, so I need some ideas, and i have been reseaching everywhere i go! Got some good stuff tho, stay tuned next week!
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