Monday, January 31, 2011

It is Monday

So as I sit to write to days blog, I really have no idea where to start.  I was thinking about blogging about the basic principals that encompass clean eating, but really it is Monday, and that just seems like way too much work for my brain.  So I think I will just use today as a "Dear Diary" entry to help get myself back on the wagon.  I hope you enjoy snooping my diary.

Dear Diary
O man did I every fall of the wagon last week.  With all the boys being so ill, I found myself eating soda cracker after soda cracker just to keep my stomach at bay.  I missed the gym, and have yet to reschedule it this week, just not feeling the motivation.  To top is all off, yesterday my entire body broke out in hives!  So not only do I feel poopy from eating off foods, I think my SKIN is even mad at me for it! 
So it is Monday, a fresh start for a new week!  I have decided that I am going to do extra cardio this week too, I am going to book that calendar up with gym nights, healthy eating meals, and ensure that I get myself back on track!  When I don't feel 100% , organised, and on my game, I can't keep up with the crazy schedules my boys keep, their homework, and their spaz out play times!  Even though I really feel like I could go back to bed with bowl of popcorn and watch movies all day, I know that I have got to get moving, and once I do, I will feel better.  So once this 3rd cup of coffee kicks in, I will get organized, I will make my to do list for the day, and I will get a clean eating diner out of the freezer for tonight.  Trust me not because I feel like I really want to do this, but because I know I have to!

Thanks for listening,


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