Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry I am venting!

I have a mind block, and just had to get this off my chest.  But really I could create an obscure way to relate this blog to healthy living by saying that venting helps decrease stress with in turn decreases your risk of so many heart problems, weight gain ext.  But reality is I am just hoping that someone will read this and relate to it!

Picture this
Monday -We receive an email from my oldest son's teacher informing us that he is going to be getting a really bad looking report card, but not to panic.  He has made great strides this year, and in a hope to continue his progress we are to continue his reading, math, writing and classroom homework every night and perhaps add some word practice, as well as hopefully getting him on the Special ed. list at school.  This "homework" already takes me at least an hour (remember he is in GR.1) and is a huge struggle to get him to concentrate with the other 2 highly demanding boys running around like MANIACS until my husband comes home.  But this is what I must do!  So I grab a bristle board, some new journals (one for each little man), markers, pencils and stickers, create a "rewards for doing your daily journal" chart, we remove the Wii, DS, TV, and pretty much everything else until the weekends, and set out to have a positive beginning to this new venture called "homework".
Tuesday - After a LLLOOONNNNGGG day, we get out the journals and all sit down to journal.  The first 3 seconds were GREAT!! Then, Jacob started to scream because the pencil broke, Chase told me this was boring and started goofing off, and Austin started a temper tantrum over the fact that "HE COULD NOTTT FIGURE OUT WHAT HE DID THAT DAY!!"  Calmly I sharpen the pencil, sit Chase back down in front of his journal with some crayons, and ask Austin about his day, which he then easily goes on and on about!  Awesome! "So" I say "write what you just told me" 3 seconds pass, Jacob dumps the crayons on the floor, Chase has found a dinky car and is ramming Austin with it! ARGH!! OK!! Now I am getting short!  I set the crayons back on the table, take away the car, and calm my very irate 6 year old down again. I ask in the calmest voice I can, "PLEASE, can we sit and do our journal for the next 5 mins so I can cook dinner, THEN I will look them over and we can put your sticker on the chart!?!"  Sure great! I turn to notice that my ginger beef bok choy is BURNING, CRAP! Add a little water, k, all good! Then Jacob falls of his chair because we was trying to punch Chase who is instigating and stole Jacobs journal in the 3 SECONDS that I had my back turned, Austin steps in and starts yelling at Chase that he is MEAN ( like I need more yelling right now) as I am trying to get JACOB back on his chair and prevent my dinner from burning!  So I separate Austin to another room, ask him to write in his journal, clean up the other boys stuff and send them to the basement to play, and return to my dinner and accidentally dump 3 times too much pepper into the pan! ARGH!

So buy the time my husband gets home, no ones homework is done, dinner is supper spicy and cajan style, I am on my last inch of rope, and my oldest has snuck away to play DS!! It is days like this that I feel like I really fail the boys.  I just want to help them learn and get a great education, but struggle with finding some grounds to stand on to help them from!  I guess for know I will just plug away at my chart, and see how things go.  Thanks for listening to me, sorry that I am venting!

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