Thursday, January 27, 2011

Standing on the Plateau

"I didn't drop any weight, but I didn't gain either.  What is going on?"  Many people get to this point in the journey and get very upset and frustrated, but I think we should look at it a different way.

Think of your journey to get fit like climbing a mountain.  As you start out at the bottom of the mountain the grade isn't very steep, you are able to make huge progress "on foot" without major effort.  Perhaps you increased your water, dropped some bad carbs and started doing a little walk every day. Look, 4 lbs this week GREAT!  As you make your way up the mountain the grade increases, time to get out the ropes.  You find that you just aren't getting the same sweat on with your walk, so you start to run and pick up some free weights.  Look 3 lbs this week, AWESOME!!  You feel like you are truly accomplishing something here so you keep going with these "ropes", but eventually the mountain gets a little snowy and you reach a flat spot.  YOUR PLATEAU!  Now you could stand there, being frustrated and upset, or you could use it to reflect.  Stand on your mountain, look at how far up you have already come.  Look out at the beautiful view; the lbs lost, the increased energy, fewer cravings for junk food ( I now crave celery sticks instead of nacho's~ weirdo!) and the increase in self confidence you have gained from seeing these changes.  This is the time to grab your goals that you set for yourself in the beginning, read them, and be confident that you are secured into this journey with the right mentality.  Now turn and look up at the majestic mountain before you, this is not a "struggle" it is journey to be taken with the right attitude and proper equipment. Assess the journey ahead, what "equipment" do you need to continue.  Perhaps you have gotten all this way without a major change to your diet.  So grab one of the new diet plans on here (will be posting some more later) and change up your workout routine by adding some cardio endurance type exercises (like the pump it up, done 3 times in a row with very little rest between), or add a new class your roster.  No one would climb a mountain without the proper gear, so do not expect to get to your destination without the gear you need. 

I know it isn't easy, but hopefully I have inspired just one person to get back on track, not be so frustrated with yourself, and realize that you ARE doing a great job!

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