Friday, February 11, 2011

Helping Fight Delayed onset Muscle Soreness

If is doesn't hurt, you didn't work hard enough!  That is the way I feel anyway.  This week I worked out legs and upper back at the gym, and on my off days did abs, glutes, and arms at home.  Right now I ache the good ache from head to toe!  There are a couple ways to help decrease the muscle soreness, but I don't think it will ever completely go away. That muscle pain tells you that your muscles are building and repairing, and building fat, so it is a good thing.  I will share with you some ways to help decrease the pain though.  They are;
  1. PROTEINS - right after a workout your body needs proteins to rebuild and reshape those muscles.  I have a protein shake, or a protein yogurt right after.  This replenishes the protein stores, helps build the muscles and fit the fatigue
  2. CARDIO - I find that after a huge leg work the best thing to do is a run first thing the next day.  Every morning after a leg "beating" (as I like to call them) I get up and do 3 x 10 min intervals of cardio.  If I can't get outside I will do some fast jump squats, knee ups and run on the spot.  I find this flushes the lactic acid out of the muscles and helps loosen me up. 
  3. STRETCHING - Not my strongest area, I will admit!  After my morning cardio, or evening abs I try to do at least one stretch per body part.  Helps battle the stiffness and take the tension off the joints.
  4. WATER - Staying hydrated is very important.  You need the water to flush out the lactic acid, and waste build up after that gruelling work out.
  5. COFFEEEEE - ok, I haven't been able to find ANY scientific data to back this on AT ALL.  I know that a black coffee BEFORE can help and there is data to back that statement, but before, meh!  All I know is I REQUIRE COFFEE, and after a hard workout the night before it tastes even better!
These are the ways I fight the muscle soreness, but to be honest, I am addicted to the pain.  If I don't hurt I go to the gym for the next session and tell my trainer I need to be pushed HARDER!


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