Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Some days the battle to get your children to ingest enough vegetables can be exhausting!  There are days when I am lucky if my youngest eats even one full serving of ANYTHING!  Yet somehow he is a giant compared to his brothers, must be all the milk!  When the boys where put on the vegan diet I literally spent HOURS in the kitchen cooking and prepping meals, HOURS reading cook books, HOURS fighting with my boys (including the one that is 32 yrs old) that VEGGIE meatballs and REAL meat balls taste the SAME in the sauce (they really do btw).  It was SO exhausting.  At one point I felt so defeated and broken from all these hours I headed to MandM's grabbed a lasagna, and one of the breads, cooked it and fed it to the whining little buggers (that was how I felt, I thought, I WILL SHOW YOU!)  Within about 30 mins after eating dinner I had 2 belly achers and 2 vomitters! HA!  Showed them, well sort of I had to clean a lot of vomit, ARGH!  NEVER ENDS!!  I really wished that someone would have just tried out the recipes, told me what worked and given me some ideas and pointers! I had tons of great books, but not all the recipes were really all that great!  I remember I tried this one that looked so YUMMY in the the book, and when I was finished SO YUMMY looking on the plate.  We all dug into it thinking we were going to get a big mouthful of greatness, NOT!  It was SO gross!  Justin and I CHOCKED it down, and I ended up giving the kids a power smoothie instead. Then the leftover went RIGHT into the green bin, ARGH!! I HATE waste, but there was no hope for it!  It is because of this I am going to start a recipe section called "Just For Kids".  I will include recipes that I have found to work great with the munchkins, tips and tricks for getting them to eat veggies, and helpful advice that I have come across.  Anytime you are stuck with what to make them, simple click on the "Just for Kids" category and you will see all the post to help you out.  I would love to hear about any food, tips, or tricks you have come across that have helped you as well, so send them to me!  I will post them here as well.  I hope you find it helpful, and I will try to add something new to it at least once a week, so make sure you keep checking in!

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