Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Letting the Stresses GO

After a long day of stress I grabbed one of those "junk mail" magazines you get in the mail, my trusty notebook and my favorite pen and headed to karate practice with my 3 little munchkins.  Little did I know I would come across a great article that I would like to share my take on with you.  The article it called "letting go" originally written by Ashley Gartland.

She offers this following advise to help you "let go" of some of the stresses in you life.
  1. Trim your "To Do" List - She suggests trimming your to do list to 3 items per day.  Well, I guess I could try that.   usually have a running list of at least 10 items.  So for me I will try to * the ones that are the most important, get them done and let go of the others until another day ( I have to mention that the rough copy of this blog was written in my notebook that I brought with me to Karate to create my TO DO list for today! LOL!)
  2. Ask For assistance - "Don't be to proud to ask a friend or partner."  I would have to admit that it isn't pride so much as control issues that don't allow me to reach to others for help.  I LIVE by the saying "if you want something done right, do it yourself."  So I must work on this one for sure.
  3. Unplug - Try an afternoon removed from email, phones, and facebook.  Yet as I wrote the rough copy to this in my note book I couldn't help but think how much better this would be if I had an iPhone to blog with! LOL!  It is so true though.  Why do we feel like the world needs us to communicate with it soooo much.  Why can't we take an afternoon to unplug, relax and do something for ourselves?
  4. Exercise - Finally a point that I can do, lol!  Even just a little walk can make a huge difference, calms you and releases some stress.
  5. Make Time for YOU - The author suggests making sure that you take time everyday to yourself.  That was one reason why I started the blog, my time to sit, compose a post and clear my mind.  
  6. Play - simple, yet so effective.  Have you ever played playdoh with your little people?  It is so calming and for a little while the only thing you think about is what to create next.
  7. Give Thanks - often we take time to focus on the negative and forget about all the good things.  I know on days like I had Monday I often forget to look at the good things.  The article suggest taking time everyday to give thanks for 3 good things that day.
  8. Lend a hand - You know that feeling you get when you have helped someone else?  Feels good to help out.  Find a way to reach out to others (the blog for me, lol!) and connect.
Stress is a major factor when you are trying to cut lbs, and feel better.  So make sure to try to reduce your stress where you can, take deep breaths, and remember "this too shall pass".

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