Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm Back.... Well sort of!

Hello again everyone.  I feel like I haven't blogged for way to long.  Although I really don't have much to chat about in relation to the topics of my blog, I really need to just sit down and type. 

This last week was a whirlwind of emotion.  My Grandfather had been sick for a while, so his passing was expected, and we had been told it would be soon.  It seems no matter how prepared that you think you are, in the end you never really can be.  Within a 24 hour period I was on the train to Toronto, at my Grandfathers bed side, making arrangements for my Grandmother, telling stories and laughing with family, then back to Ottawa on the train.  Come Monday I was a wreck.  Total exhaustion had set in and I felt like I just couldn't function.  It was the worst feeling I have ever had.  But as the days roll into each other, I am starting to realize that I have so many great memories and I should be grateful for those.  I should remember the awful jokes, the fact that he had a song that could relate to almost any situation.  I should remember the fact that he would spend hours out at the BBQ cooking our cheddar juicy jumbo's while we swam and played in the pool.  There are so many good things to remember.  I am starting to see how that old saying "all we are is memories" is so true.  It has given me prospective. Make sure in your life that the memories that you leave your loved ones bring a smile to their faces and laughter in their hearts.  Make sure that "Every step you take is a step towards the person you really want to be."

Thank You for listening.

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