Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pushing Through...

I have come to realize that working out and living life are metaphors for each other. 

Picture this, you are seated at the leg press machine, your trainer says "For the first 10 reps we have 150 lbs per side, which is 300 lbs total, then we will do drop set from there." OK! First let me say that is MORE than double what I weigh, HELLO!!  And second, who in their right mind wants to suffer through this?? 

So you can can do 2 things;
You can decide to attempt this machine of death, cursing the entire time, feeling sorry for yourself, struggling to push the weight even halfway without help, and blaming the trainer for being so cruel.
You can take a deep breath, decide to face this 300lb challenge and conquer it.  Know that it may hurt and cause you to suffer right now, but in the end you will be stronger.  With a positive attitude you can push through the 10 reps without the trainer helping, because you thought "I CAN DO THIS!"

Like in life when you are thrown into a 300 lb leg press (mine right now is, the loss of my Grandfather, a flood in the basement causing my daycare to inhabit my entire main floor, and a truck that needs a new front end causing me to even farther away from saving the down payment for a house) you can decide to sit back, feeling sorry for yourself, and barely making it through, or you can take a deep breath, and meet the challenge head on! 

I am really not sure if I am writing this post for anyone BUT myself.  I know that right now I need to take a deep breath, realize that there are people who have it WAY WORSE than I do, and push through.  In the end I will be stronger because of it.

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