Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cleanse Day One - So far so good!

Lasts week I told you all about the cleanse program that I was starting with my husband.  I am going to track my progress here for all you follow along.  We did our measurements Sunday, and I will let you know the difference at the end of my 30 days.

So far I have done 2 shake days and today is Cleanse day # 1.  I had done my research on the product before starting, but to be honest I am one of those I will believe it when I see people.  Last night was my first "test" on the system.  I had to go to the gym after having just 2 shakes  some snacks, and a small chicken salad.  I really was worried that I would not have the energy for cardio or strength to push the weights. I know that people have said you feel great, but still I was worried.  I noticed when I left for the gym last night that I wasn't feeling as sluggish and exhausted from my day, 1st bonus.  I got to the gym, hoped on the tread mill to start my 30 mins cardio, and noticed I was feeling good! 2nd bonus.  Then We started with the weights, Legs day!  Normally I can't consistanly push through all 10- to 15 reps without a couple seconds pause some place, but I did a couple rep sets without rest! 3rd MAJOR bonus!  Even after all that work I didn't feel depleated, or worn out.  I was tired for sure, it was a heavy work out, but not as exhausted as normal.  Another MAJOR Bonus!

Today I do my cleanse day.  I am going to try my very best to stick to just the 4 cleanse drinks and LOTS of water, but I am prepared with lots of chopped celery, cucumber and my 2 hard boiled eggs, just in case.  Can't wait for the results at the end of my 30 days!

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