Monday, April 18, 2011

Hitting the Half way Mark!

As many of you know I have been doing the Isagenix 30 day cleanse system.  I am over half way through the program now and I wanted to share with you some things that I have learned so far. 

Mental Clarity
I had been so tired and warn out for so long I don't think I even realized how much of a FOG I was in.  I would go through the day to day motions, forgetting things, feeling anxiety over all the things that I had to do, but never the energy to do them.  I had started to feel better once I started at FFF, but still had that FOG a lot of the time.  I 99% of the time eat health and colorful foods, but I could not seem to shake the fog from coming back time to time.  Normally when the boys have a rough couple sleep nights I am toasted, foggy and GRUMPY!!  Last week my oldest had painful growing pains at night that caused him to wake almost every hour, and my youngest is going through these nightmares that cause him to wake at least 2 times per night.  So for the last week I have been up with the boys at least 4 - 5 times per night.  Normally after 2 nights of this I am so FOGGY I can barely decide what to make for breakfast, or remember how to make the daycare kids a cheese wrap!  Last week was different, I was able to function through my day with mental clarity and sustained energy.  Yes I did crash out by 9 pm, but I was still able to get up out of bed at 5 am with no problems and return to the daily chores without feeling bogged down.  I was amazed at the difference, it was like when the light goes on above the cartoons head!

The Bad food Effect
I have been doing so well on the cleanse and feeling so great, I convinced myself that one Mojito and a couple Nachos and salsa on Saturday wouldn't hurt.  I think I was a little mistaken.  Sunday morning I woke up and was retaining so much water I could no longer wear my wedding ring.  A ring that on Saturday SLID off my finger wouldn't even fit over my first knuckle.  I was tired too, and I haven't been tired in the morning for a long time.  The entire day I craved carbs too, which is weird cause I usually crave proteins like eggs or steak.  So I may be reading too much into the Mojitio and the nachos, but I don't believe that it was just coincidence. 

I will be back to share more with you as the journey continues,

Happy Monday!

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