Friday, April 1, 2011

Perhaps I am a bit CRAZY....


My Husband came home with the idea to get a group of people together to run the 5 KM Spartan Mud obsticle race that is coming our way.  He wants to start doing sprint training with me EVERY NIGHT,and join in on my body weight work outs ( ya now the sqats, abs, push ups ect...).  Gees, ya by the man a good pair of runners and WHAMMO he thinks he can run a 5 Km! HA!  It does look fun (check it HERE), and I am all for getting dirty (in the MUD!!), but to be honest I am have been pretty lazy with my running.  I know I should get back at it before my 2nd bum and muffin top return, but I have been so busy (nice excuse eh?) that I have just pushed it aside.  The last time I ran was 3 weeks ago and I only completed a 4 km, so I think some training is in order!
I am guessing that there will be a lot of great looking SPARTAN's at this race, so perhaps that will be my motivation, he really wants to do this and I don't want to show up all slow and saggy (perhaps just a little saggy, I don't think there is time for a boob lift, HA!)  We have to register by the end of June to secure our spot, and if we get a large group it will be a little cheaper.  So I guess you could say that this is another step in the journey to a healthier happier ( or perhaps broken, did you see the barbed wire!) ME! 
So here we go! Training starts TODAY!!
This girl seems to be enjoying the face full of MUD!
Or perhaps it is the view....
.... of some spartan Warriors!  I know bad joke!
But really, you would be smiling too :)

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