Monday, May 16, 2011

Get out and Garden!

Spring is HERE!  I think?  Well it is for me anyway.  This last weekend I went out with my family to a local nursery and we purchased some YUMMY plants for our vegetable garden.  We are going to have multiple different kinds of tomatoes, leeks, red onions, hot peppers, banana peppers, salad mixes, Boston lettuce, cucumbers, yellow zucchini, herbs, corn, alfalfa sprouts, garlic, potatoes ( fingerling and mini reds) and peas.  I already have my rhubarb growing, strawberries blooming and raspberries bushes going green.  I love being in my garden, not only is it therapeutic, but it also provides me with the opportunity to know exactly what my family is eating.  I am able to ensure that the foods are truly organic and a fraction of the cost that you purchase them for at the markets or grocery stores.  I love the taste of fresh cherry tomatoes right off the vine, or a fresh greens salad with bbq on a Sunday afternoon. 

One day I will own a garden like this!

I realize that building a big vegetable garden isn't for everyone.  You may not have the space or time or green thumb to grow your own produce.  So for those of you I have some suggestions to help you get some fresh foods growing right on you balcony or back patio. 
  • I came across these new "salad bowls"  at Superstore.  What a great idea.  Everything you need to have a fresh salad in a cute little planter that you can keep right on your patio.  Check them out here
  • Lots of garden centers carry herb mix pots.  I purchased one from Canadian Tire that has, sweet basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, parsley and oregano. There are others, and I think I am going to have to collect then all, lol!  Check them out at your local CT garden center.
  • Who doesn't love fresh tomatoes?  There are SO many places to pick up great planters for your patio, and there is a huge variety of different types as well.
  • Incorporate herbs and vegetables into your flower beds.  There are many very pretty herbs that you could add into your flower beds, or why not try growing corn instead of ornamental tall grasses.  If you grow your own corn, come fall you don't have to purchase corn stalks to decorate for Halloween too!
I will be back again soon with tip to create a weed and bug free garden naturally, no chemicals!

Happy Planting Everyone!

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