Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OOOO The Long Weekend!!

The Beach we visited :)
I hope all my Canadian followers had a great long weekend!  I know I did.  My parents were able to come up for a visit with all of us and we headed to the beach!  It was a great time!!   Spent the entire day lounging in the sun, building sandcastles, swimming and we even enjoyed a BBQ dinner.  This is what life is about!  I think all to often we get so wrapped up and busy with what life is "supposed" to be that we forget about the little things.  There is so much pressure to "have" this or "be" that that we don't take the time to "just be" with the people in our lives that mean the most to us.  I know I realized while vegged out on the beach this weekend that life had become to busy and I have lost connection with many people of importance the last couple of months.  Yes life with 3 little men will always be busy with activities, homework and play dates, however I am vowing to make more time for the little things in life, these are what matter.

"Take care of the moments, because the Years take care of themselves"

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