Friday, May 20, 2011

Not So Silent Mommy: My Friday Five

I think this is such a great idea, to reflect back on your week and think of the 5 things that you have learned. They may be about yourself or anything really. Check out Sarah's Friday 5 here...Not So Silent Mommy: My Friday Five. Then join in!

Here are My Friday 5

1. PMS LOVE CHOCOLATE - see previous post, ARGH!!! I need to restock on my Isagenix Dark chocolate and green tea treats so at least I don't eat an entire box of Ben adn Jerry's again!!
2. If what you are worrying about won't be an issue in a year, it isn't worth your brain power!
3. little / big boys experience PMS with Mommy! I think they pick up some hormones are something cause hole emotional week, and I am not the one doing all the CRYING!!
4. There are lots of really good people in this world. When you take the time to try to be one yourself you will find others.
AND MY #5 ...........
5. It is what it is. Yep, let life BE what IT IS!! You can't change it so don't bother trying!

What are yours!?!

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