Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When there isn't enought time to FART!!!

You know the days, you are so busy that you don't even have time to fart! Yep cause you know that if you even let a little one out, one of the kids will smell it and WHAM, you are off schedule while the kids flail around yelling "O GROSS MOM!! YOU STINK!!" (not that I fart, I mean I am just guessing that is what my Boys would say, hehehe)  and your trying to convince them that it was that old man that just past you in the grocery isle, or the "rotten eggs" that must have broken in the fridge section of Walmart, or the sink that must have backed up at the Coffee shop (not that I have EVER had to use those excuses, hhheeee), then you end up yelling lets just be quiet and get in the F**&^&^%&(N VEHICLE (not that I swear) so we can get to yet another F(*&*^(N (again I don't swear :s ) Karate / Baseball / hockey / soccer / gymnastics / music lesson / tutor session / GOD KNOWS WHAT NOW!! These are the times that we as parents come last, our needs for regular exercises and healthy food choices get tossed aside for the 5th cup of Tim's (or for those not in Canada, COFFEE), the late night dinner and the "One BAG won't hurt" Bag of Cheeses (and if you are like the old me, you will buy the BIG bag, cause WE love CHEESIES, and TELL yourself that WE will share with everyone, but by the time kids are done their activity, so is the bag!)  It can seem impossible to "keep healthy" at these times.  I am NOT perfect there are time when I still mess up, and get those Cheesies, but I try really hard to be prepared and not give in to those moments.  I try to fit in at least 30 mins of exercises everyday even if it is spread out over the entire day in 5 min increments, I feel it is better than nothing. 
So here are some of my tips to put yourself "first";
  • BE Prepared!  This is key to avoiding the last minute chocolate bars or Mc D's.  Always keep the fridge stocked with chopped fruits, vegetables and have almonds on hand.  Grad a handful when on the run, just in case you don't have time to make a meal!  I also keep a bag of almonds in my purse, cause you just never know when you will be later than normal at an activity
  • KEEP HYDRATED!  I never go anywhere WITHOUT my water bottle!  I recently went for an overnight at a friends and yep I brought it!  A lot of times our thirst is mistaken as hunger, so if you are hydrated you are less likely to munch.
  • Mini Workouts! Ok don't laugh but I do little exercises whenever possible.  When I am at the park with the kids I will do calf raises on the sand box barrier, do the stairs a couple extra times a day, get on the floor at nap time for a couple crunches, I move NON stop to burn calories, jump squats while the kids play, I have a section of counter top in my kitchen where I do dips while I cook.  I also LOVE dance party time with my Boys!  Crank the tunes and jump around!  I do have ADHD, so that may help with my ability to never sit still, LOL!  Look for ways everyday to burn a little extra, they add up fast.
  • Keep it exciting!  Try new recipes, workouts, ect.  This way you will be stocked about that dinner that is waiting for you and you won't want to ruin it with junk.  Get out to a new class with a friend, or try a new more challanging route for your walk / run.  If you are facing a challange you will be more likely to want to get out there and do it (or at least I will)
Hope that helps!  What are some of your tips??

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