Thursday, May 19, 2011

PMS vs. The Eat Clean, Live Clean Regime

As women our bodies are set up to cause us failure on the journey to a happier healthier lifestyle, am I right? We have less muscle mass than men, our hormones are designed to help us STORE fat for baby making (and no I don't mean the fun part I mean the GOD I NEED ANOTHER HAMBURGH WITH 2 SHAKES CAUSE I AM 5 MONTHS PREGO AND WILL KILL FOR ONE Baby making!).  In general our metabolisms are slower, and lets not even talk about the "life change" where I am told it will stop all together. I am not there yet but for anyone who is, please keep it a secret if that statement is true, LOL!!  Then there is the O SO FUN (insert sarcasm here) PMS!! The week and a half (for me anyway) that the SUPER CUTE skinny jeans I just bought are so friggin tight I can't buckle the belt!  The week I could easily without a second thought eat a tub of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Brownie ice cream (like I did last night, I know tisk tisk!!). The week that the fatigue and pain all over are so immense that the THOUGHT of doing a jump squat send me balling!  Not to mention all the screaming the yelling (although it does help burn calories, lol), the temper tantrums the, emotional ups and downs. like REALLY!  How are we supposed to keep on the road to success during this time??  Sometimes I am pretty good, like when I crave a ice cream, I make my Isagenix Chocolate Shake with extra ice and it does the trick (click here for more info), or have my natural almonds instead of chips, or have my hubby make his O Natural style popcorn and I will have a little bit, but really we can't always be that good!  Some days and some months there are time when your hormones NEED that ice cream (like last night they NEEDED IT I swear), and I have learned it is ok!  I don't need to beat myself up when I goof up every once in a while, cause my body will do that for me (bad food = swollen hands, headache and sluggish today) as a simple reminder that I really shouldn't do that very often anymore.  So lets do like the Always with wings pad commercials say and "Have a happy Period, ALWAYS"! LIKE F(&*##& What MAN designed those F(*&(*&(*N commercials!! F(*&(&#( HIM!! O sorry Hormonal temper tantrum again! 

That is it for me today! I need ANOTHER POT OF COFFEE!!


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