Friday, June 10, 2011

The Friday Five....

So Once again my friends Sarah Over at Not so Silent Mommy Shared Her Friday Five.  Check her out below, once again read me FIRST, LOL! And Honestly for her # 3 I would have saved the WINE, I have a WHITE couch ( K, I know all you just growned at me! 3 rough tough boys, and a daycare and I OWN something WHITE!?!?!)
Not So Silent Mommy

So this week I wanted to share my 5 Healthy Living things I have earned.  Here GOES...
  1. If you haven't run in a while start SLOW!! - I was over abitious and did a 3.8 km 2 days in a row, on top of my upper body work out and ab routine.  Today = VERY STIFF
  2. Lesser quality protien powders just don't cut it! - My hubby has gone a little over the top with the Isalean Shakes, LOL!  HE LOVES THEM!! In the heat we are having (he works outside) he has been doing the shakes for 2 to 3 meals a day.  He says they make him full without giving him the sluggish feeling of a normal meal, and he feels refreshed and hydrated too.  GREAT!  But I only ordered enough for 1 meal a day, SOO we ran out!  I tried a basic protien powder I had left over from before I started the Isalean shakes, I did not get HALF the energy and FEEL GOOD feeling I got from Isalean, SO I am STOCKED UP again!
  3. When it comes to the foods my children eat, I might be a little nerotic....  See the post
  4. Excuses aren't your friend!  I have been making excuses as to why I haven't had time to do a really good workout lately, and I am not impressed with myself, so NO MORE!!
  5. Making the right choices not only affect me they affect my family. - see post "Pay Attention"

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