Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Perhaps I am CRAZY...

SO my loving husband came home with this great idea to join in on the Spartan Mud Race when it comes to our area.  It is a 5 km run over mud, hurdles, and general CRAZINESS!  Geese you buy the man a pair of good runners and WHAAAAMMOOO he thinks he is a Spartan!  I have to admit that it does look like a lot of fun and to be honest I like playing in the mud!  But lets face it, life has been so busy that I really haven't had the time to run (nice excuse eh?) and the last time I got out ( 2 weeks ago) I barely made 4 km on PAVEMENT!  He said this was his way of being supportive of my new lifestyle and fitness regime, but I told him if he wants to provide support, get me a boob lift, HA!   I really don't want to be the slow and saggy (other than the boobs, there isn't enough time for that lift ARGH)lady how barely crosses the finish line so training starts TODAY!  I will be out there doing my sprint training and my body weight work outs, maybe pump some iron, ya know get all hot and sweaty in this lovely heat! 
Serious upper body strength needed in this race

Tight fitting clothes only!

Nothing Like an afternoon face down in MUD!

Remind me why I am doing this again??
O YA, my "supportive" HUBBY!?!

So if there is anyone out there who has done this race, pointers would be greatly appreciated!  AND if anyone wants to join our TEAM, Lets GO!!

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