Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A couple things that I have learned

I am by no means a lunch box lady expert, nor have I got it completely figured out! I have learned a couple things by trial and epic failure that I thought I could share with you. I know that each child is different so you will have to do some trial and failure of your own, but here are some of mine.......

* K I S S -KEEP IT SIMPLE SUPERMOM! When I first started packing a snack bag for my oldest I went so over board, not only with the amount of food, but the types! I gave my son fancy over the top baked goods (ones that he had never tried) and enough food to supply his entire lunch table. A good 90 % of the food came back, uneaten or half chewed. I was getting so angry, I spent all that time making these fancy things, and my normally vaccum cleaner son wasn't eating! So I started packing simple lunch snacks like my apple sauce, cheese and crackers, and sliced fruit. Guess what, he was happy and so was I!

* Get organized! I am not a morning person, and everyone knows it! For me packing lunches in the morning is crazy, so I don't! I organize everything the night before, I pack the lunches, place them in the fridge, put all homework in the bags and hang them on the hooks, we get out our school clothes the night before, and sometimes even get the breakfast oatmeal ready. I am by no means saying mornings always go smmoooooth, but they sure as heck aren't as insane as if I didn't do all that!
* Get the kids involved - WAY EASIER SAID THAN DONE! My guys love to help in the kitchen, so they where constantly underfoot while I was making the lunches (very frustrating) so I started waiting till after bed to pack them. At dinner I ask them for lunch ideas, and if I can I help accomidate them. 99% of the time they come home the next day excited about what was in there lunch bags, cause it was there choice.
* Don't stress too much, if they aren't big school eaters, let them have it for after school snack. They aren't going to starve themselves right?

So those are some of the things I have learned, I could go on, but I don't want to bore you!

Happy back to school all!
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