Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family, Memories and Apple crisp.

This past weekend was my Grandfathers memorial at my parents place back home. Events like these always bring up such a large aray of emotions for me. I love when my family gets together, we eat, we laugh and we remember. Even though this was a sad event, we managed to have some fun. We always try out new recipes on each other (hence the quinoa and black bean salad post the other day), and one that I would really like to get my hands on was my sisters apple crisp. Wow was it great, we all enjoyed it! My Grandma even had a nice big helping (pictured above is my grandma, one of the most inspiring women I know). So as you all can see I do not have a recipe to share with you, well not yet at least. But, applepicking season is fast approaching and I WILL have that recipe! So until then, I think I will try out some apple martini recipes to find one I love.....
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