Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sugar Free, Vegan Crumbling Cookies that are Full of Beef!?!

So, Like I promised, here is a play by play on my "fun" Monday!  I am sure it will provide some chuckles and giggles for all you women that have children, or know children, or have ever seen a child in your lifetime.......

Technically my Monday began about 11 p.m. Sunday Night!

When I went to bed I could hear my oldest rustling in his bed.  He was talking in his sleep and moving around.  I had a hard time falling asleep because every time I would start to drift off, BAHM! He would yell out something in his sleep and I would be wide awake again!    This continued all night!!

5 a.m. arrives, and I am feeling like I just completed a 12 hour work out!  I hear, "HEY YOU AWAKE!!"  But they aren't talking to me, so in a daze I get up.  I find Oldest son, waking Middle Man and Youngest Son!! AT 5 A.M.!!! (You must know that my Middle man and Youngest NEED to say in bed until at least 6!)  The crying begins! Youngest Son continues to be a outta control bear all day.  He throws tantrum after tantrum!  NO ONE TOLD ME JK WAS A STEP BACK TO THE TERRIBLE TWO"S!! None of my others did this!!

Skip to After Lunch Bus stop!! Youngest son, goofs off the entire lunch time, doesn't finish, then starts crying because we have to leave and he is still hungry.  Middle Man runs into the wall at full force, let the screams continue!  I allow "the gang" 20 mins to pack their back packs with mail bags, lunch boxes, get their jackets, put on their shoes, and line up at the door for our walk to the bus stop.  Youngest son, goofs off, refuses to listen, and come time to walk to the bus stop is wearing ONE SHOE, his jacket is hanging on his head, his back pack is not packed and HE IS SCREAMING!!  Frustrated I make him walk to the stop like this!  Middle man is pestering him, and mocking him!! NO WAY IN HELL ARE THESE KIDS NOT GOING ON THE F N BUS TO SCHOOL TODAY!!  Once at the stop we collect ourselves, give out comforting hugs, and GET ON THE BUS!!

Nap Time, Babies in bed, time to tackle Mount LaundryMORE!!  Spend 2 hours folding, sorting ect, then scramble to get the roast that HAS TO BE COOKED TODAY, in the oven.  Make myself a TOFU thing that was supposed to mimic the roast beef, but ended up tasting like CRAP! I can admit it, I FAILED THAT ONE!!)

Fast forward to after school bus stop!  Oldest comes of the bus in tears, "Mommy, I am so Tired!!", "NO KIDDING!", Middle man gets off the bus "MOM!!! So and So is pestering!!", Youngest gets off the bus with that look on their face that says, I am up to NO GOOD!! And I was right!! Youngest son picked up a bubble wand and started whipping it around!  I walked over, told him NO! Took it away!  Not even 2 seconds later, he whipped it again, hit a Park Lady's watch, and SMASH!!  I was devastated!! My children are turning into "those kids!"  I immediately told Park Lady I would pay for the watch, and made Youngest BRAT  son sit on time out for the rest of our afternoon at the park!  Once I was finished work, we all headed home. 

The roast SMELLED AWESOME, The tofu was a disgusting MESS!  I ended up eating the roast, and payed for it with some serious stomach pains!  Oldest son fell asleep on the couch during dinner, Youngest son didn't eat, and middle man wolfed it down to head to Karate.  By 5:30 pm, the 2 were asleep, so I did dishes then tried to wake them to go get into PJ's and head to bed!

HERE IS THE BEST PART OF MY DAY - Oldest son gets into pj's and gets into bed, within 5 mins is sound asleep!  Youngest son is screaming at me to GO AWAY FROM HIM!!  I get him Naked, and say "have a pee before bed please!"  Still screaming he walks into their bathroom, stands in front of the GARBAGE CAN, and LETS IT FLY!!  Yep, he FILLED the garbage can, still screaming at me to go away, and at this point, really what was I to do?  Naked to walked back to his room, climbed into bed, pulled up the covers and passed out!  Very carefully I dressed him in PJ's, left the room to get my running gear on, and waited o so impatiently for hubby and middle man to get home so I could GET OUTTA HERE!!

This has been a PYHO Blog post!! Or perhaps more of a vent post, I am not really sure??

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