Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Focus Here!

Do you ever fall completely off track   get a little of track?

I wrote out my Plan in a post a while ago, and I thought once my youngest was off to school things would slow down, and I could....

 - 30 min workout at nap time every other afternoon. - get my back better so I can still race in October
 - Include more vegan food choices in my daily menu - get my stomach better
 - Do some P90x with my hubby - to make sure we look good for each other ;)
 - Continue running - cause I love it, and the company is nice
 - So, that is my plan. I am going to get rid of the pounds and this time, it stays off!

But I have been making excuses, and I have yet to do these all.  I had a rough day yesterday, and I didn't end up going to running group.  I was mooping around the house while my oldest and youngest slept on the couch (both started their Monday at 5 a.m., so by 5 p.m. things had completely fallen apart), and my middle man and hubby where off at Karate class.  I thought, "when will I get my turn!" And I was starting to have one of those really ugly grown up pity parties, you know the one!  When I came across this quote....

"Don't tell yourself "life will slow down after 'this'." It won't. Don't wait one more day to be who you want to be in this life." - Shared by Mamma Pea

Wow!! How True!! Here I was saying once the youngest is off to school (not realizing that with him being off to school would bring WAY more frustrating outbursts at home), once my Oldest is no longer here at nap time (forgetting that him not being here at nap time brings hours of frustrating homework, because lets face it he is like me, and really needs the extra help in school), once my middle man settles into class (only to find out that it is time for him to move to the next level of Karate, so now we do Karate 5 days a week!).  There will ALWAYS be something else!!  So TIME TO SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!!  Deal with IT!! So, I got the 2 sleepy heads off to bed (which I have a funny story to tell you about that, and I am thinking it will be a post tomorrow!), and waited with my running gear on for my hubby and middle man.  When they got home I gave Middle Man a kiss good night, kisses the hubby, grabbed the dog and off we went!  I may have missed group, but I wasn't going to miss my run! 

I ran / walked a 6 km with my music blaring, and the rain falling on my face!  I ran to get rid of my days frustration and I ran because if I want to finish my race net month I HAVE TOO!!  It felt so good!

Sometimes the motivation we need comes in the simplest form!

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