Sunday, October 2, 2011

Carrots, Coffee, Cupcakes, and Caos!

I am not usually a weekend blogger, but this week I guess you could say, I haven't really been a blogger at all! I have started all kinds of posts with great recipes, things I have learned, and Soo much more. But alas, I have not been able to get the time to finish any of them. I would get on my laptop and get them out to you today,,,if hubby weren't using it to watch football, *sigh*!
Today is the first time in over 2 weeks that I haven't felt sick too. I have bee battling one cold after another for the last 2 weeks, but knock on wood, it wasn't because my own kids are sick, just some of the daycare kids. But it is that season, right?

O and guess what else was today?? My LSD!! MY 1ST LSD! I did it, the whole 16 km! I was feeling great, I felt confident, and our group did it in less than 2 hours! Which I was told was impressive!

So stay tuned for some post this week about an excellent cup of coffee, an tastey little carrot and date cake recipe, and all the rest of the craziness in my household!
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