Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Ready Day 3!

So today we are going to do the easiest (not EASY!) one. I want to go through some steps to help you prepare physically.

Fill your bags with all the GOOD STUFF!

To get started, make a list of healthy snacks and foods you’ll need to have on hand to help you reach those goals of increasing your energy, feeling better in your skin and getting rid of your Christmas weight. For those of you doing the Cleanse with me this is VERY important.   Pre plan your meals.  Make sure that you will have on hand all the foods that you need for your family dinners.It is so much easier to stay on target when you know what you supposed to be eating!

Here’s an example:

Essential for All Days

Pure water (bottled or purified with a filter),

Non caffeinated herbal teas

Meals (for Shake Days if doing the Isagenix with me, or just in general to get healthy!)

Lean protein (chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, pork tenderloin, elk, bison), fish or organic tofu


Chickpeas, and other canned beans, and tomatoes (no salt added)

Greek low fat plain yogurt

Organic vegetables, such as broccoli, green beans, lettuce and tomatoes, celery, cucumber, raw carrots

Whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa and barley


Natural almonds, and walnuts

Organic (preferred if available) fruits and vegtables, such as apples, grapes, berries, lemons, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, mushrooms, ect.

Isagenix Snacks!™

IsaDelight Plus™

IsaLean® Bars (not on Cleanse Days)

SlimCakes® (not on Cleanse Days)

Now that you know what you should have, let’s raid your pantry, fridge and freezer for any food you shouldn’t have. I suggest if you are like me and need to have other foods for the kids on hand create a kids only cupboard. Remove all the foods that you know are going to tempt you from the house, and I don’t mean hurry and eat them all BEFORE the challenge starts either! If they are non perishables donate them to your food bank, at least you won’t feel like you are waisting your money, but putting it to good use! Now is a good time to clean your fridge too, well if you are like me it is.

Now with a clean slate, and clean cupboards hit your grocery store with your list in hand! Hit the “real food” areas ONLY! Pick up things from the “outside isles” not the easy foods!

Ready SET GO!!

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