Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting Ready Day 4 - MY FAVORITE!

This is my favourite day, FOOD PREP!! Get out your Tupperware, your knives, your celery stalks, your carrots, your zip locks, your meats, and LETS GET STARTED!!

I love this part :)

When you have all your foods right at hand it is so much easier to stay on track. Think about it, you’re hungry; it is snack time are you going to reach for the carrots, peel them, chop them then eat then? Or are you going to grab a cookie with the kids, or a muffin at the office?

This is what I do;

• Clean, peel and chop my carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers, arrange them in a container ( I use the Rubbermaid Produce Savers) and place them in the fridge

• Clean, prep, and chop my berries and grapes and place them in the produce savers

• Break up my family packs of meat / fish into portion size freezer zipper bags and put them in the freezer.

• Create little snack bags of almonds. Count out 12 almonds and place them in the small snack zipper bags (I reuse these bags each week, less waist!)

• Hard boil a package of eggs

• Pre blend and freeze my cubes for the berry smoothies, and the Lean Green Smoothies

• Ensure my pantry is stocked with my Isgagreens, IsaFruits, Energenix, Isadelights, vitamins, and Omega oils!

• Ensure that all the kids snacky thingys that I am NOT allowed to eat are in their cupboard!

• Print and hang my menu on the Fridge, now I am READY!

What I do is prepare myself until I know I can do what I have to do. ~ Joe Namath

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