Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Ready For the Challenge.

Getting Ready Day 1

It is so important to get yourself prepared for the challenge physically, emotionally and mentally.

Today we are going to focus on getting mentally ready. Deciding the WHY? And the For what reason? Wrap your head around what we are doing kinda day today. Ya know get Clarity on What we are really doing here. When I did the 30 day Challenge with Pam Fountas she had some great excersices to help wth this that I would like to share with you.

This was her post. I thought it best to share it with you just the way she wrote it in hopes you will find it just as helpful as I did.

“I’d like you to answer the following questions:

What was your reason for placing your Isagenix order and taking on this 30 day challenge? What results are you looking to gain?

**Now write down ANYTHING that comes up for you.

Most often when my clients are meeting with me for the first time, their reasons for wanting to eat healthier, become more active and commit to their health are what I call “surface reasons.”

Did any of these “surface answers” come up for you from the above questions?

- I want more energy

- I want to lose weight and shed inches

- I want to increase muscle

- I want my workouts to improve

- I want a decrease in my stress levels

- I just want to feel better

These answers are a great starting point, but now we have to dig deeper. We need to get CLEAR on WHY we want to achieve any of those goals.

Ex. Why is it you want to lose weight? What will losing weight do for you and how will it change your life? Is the reason important enough to keep you committed to this challenge?

Often my clients pick a goal because they feel they “should” be after that result. Their goal isn’t grounded to something they are really after – in turn their commitment to making change suffers.

So I ask you now to take your answers and start digging a little deeper. That is homework piece #1. My clients that take the time to get clear on what they want and why they want it are those that achieve their goals with much less stress and wasted energy.”

-Pam Fountas

Great post isn’t it? It really got me thinking about the reason why I really want to finally and for good get back in the wagon. For me I have set a goal to be “x” amount of pounds. Which is great, I will get to my goal, but then what? Why did I want to be that size? When I really think about it, it really isn’t about the number. I want ME back. I want to be the energetic, happy, positive person, I know I can be. The last time I was that person was when I was a certain number on the scale. So I have altered my goal. I want to reach the weight that I feel best in my skin at to allow me to be the person I know I really am. I am not putting a number on it, just a feeling!

"A person with a clear purpose will make progress on even the toughest road. A person with no purpose will make no progress on even the smoothest road." -Thomas Carlyle

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