Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Everyday is Monday

After a long weekend of food, family, friends and drinks, I thought this would be a good post.  

We all know the story, Friday night pizza and wings, Saturday dinner with family and friends, Sunday munchies and movies, or drinks on the patio, Monday… MONDAY Is going to be a fresh start!  This Monday will be different!! Monday comes, the kids won’t get ready for school, the boss is riding your back, you forgot about that lunch meeting, and then there is that report…. Ahhh way to much going on! You promise yourself that you will get it all together this week, then NEXT MONDAY!! GAME ON!! So you take the week to indulge in all the things that you are swearing off of next week, the coffee with double cream and sugar, the pizza, the take out, the drive through, all those “treats” you are going to be “deprived” of NEXT MONDAY!  But then Monday comes again,and BAM, WAY to busy!!  The cycle continues, weeks, months, maybe even years pass, the weight slowly increases, the pants get a little tighter, the energy levels plummet, and you just can’t ever seem to find a MONDAY that actually works for you.  

Here is a thought, don’t commit to a MONDAY, or any day for that fact!  Just follow these simple pointers;
  1. Enjoy life!  Does Friday Night Pizza and Wings with friends and family bring joy to your life?  Then do that!! Just find a way to incorporate these things into your life.  For example, Make White meat Chicken wing “bites” and a whole grain or cauliflower crust reduced cheese pizza.  Host the night at your place, and have lots of veg sticks on hand too.
  2. Cut yourself some slack!  We are not perfect, you will miss days at the gym, eat cake, and drink a couple extra glasses of wine.  Don’t be upset, just get back on the horse.  And you certainly don’t need to wait for the next monday to roll around.
  3. Get Accountable!  Make sure your trainer, friends, and fellow HIIT class participants know you're planning on coming.  Work with a trainer even once a week to keep on track.  Also create a food log that you will have to be accountable for each week when you check in with your trainer.  
  4. Commit to doing your BEST everyday!  You are worth the best you have to give everyday, not just on Monday.  Mess up on a tuesday? Wednesday is a fresh day, so go at it with all you have.  
So what day this week are you coming out to class?

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