Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here's some advice...

Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining me as I blog about the journey I have been on, advice I have tried (and what has actually worked), and the general up and downs.  I have a list of some great topics, and a bunch of awesome recipes (one I will post today) for you.  If you can do me a favor, if you are enjoying reading my blog please become a follower.  You don't have to put your name, it is just so I know that the time I spend each morning here is worth while to someone.  To all of you that have joined in, THANK YOU!!

I want to share with you some of the advice that I have been given, and things that I have found helpful this past year.  Obviously I am not a Doctor so make sure you check with your doctor before undertaking any major new changes, but this is what has worked for me.

  • Set a goal
When / why do you want to FEEL BETTER.  Don't just focus on numbers.  There will be times that you hit a plateau and the scale doesn't move, if you focus solely on the numbers you may get discouraged and back track. 
  • Exercise
Pick a simple form of exercises that you CAN DO everyday.  I do a 30 min brisk walk, my ab routine (I can post in another blog if there is interest) on top of the personal training.  Then, sign up for a class, get a personal trainer, and just do something you love, and enjoy and that increases your heart rate.

  • EAT!!
Alright, so you are trying to get rid of those pounds and I am telling you to EAT!?! YES!! To keep your metabolism burning you must fuel the fire!  Get that fire started with a healthy breakfast within ONE HOUR of waking up, it is so important.  5 smaller meals are ideal, at the very least 3 main meals, and 2 snacks.  Get into this habit and your body will start reminding you that you missed a meal, TRUST ME! (In another blog I will give you some menu ideas)

This will in the long run make your life SO MUCH easier.  Proper eating / lifestyle REQUIRES PLANNING!  I like to get the weekly grocery flyer, sit down at nap time and plan my next weeks menu with the foods that are on sale.  I create my list (and only buy what is on the list to avoid tempting foods at home), and weekly menu at the same time.  I write the dinners on the calendar (so you never have to think last minute, what is for dinner??), and because of some OCD issues I seem to have we eat the same foods for breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack Monday to Friday (LOL!!).  I also feed the kids the same 5 meals for lunch every week to limit the daycare planning, and the whining that they don't like it!  I always get my groceries on Friday night right after the boys Karate, and I always take Sunday afternoon to myself to prep everything (chop the raw veggies,wash all the fruit, make the freezer pizza and macaroni dishes, get the meats divided into baggies with the marinades and stick them in the freezer).  Experiment and find a routine that works for you, I also have crazy routines for laundry, cleaning, and I could go on.  I learned very shortly after my 3rd was born, PLANNING makes life easier ( NOT EASY, just EASIER!!)

  • Water WITH Lemon
Real lemon, not juice as it contains sulphates.  Drink LOTS of water.  Your body needs it to function properly, and if you are getting sweaty everyday, you need to replace it!  Also making sure that you have good quality fish oils, and a good multi vitamin are KEY!  There will be days that you can't eat properly, but at least you know you have had your vitamins!

  • Keep track
Be accountable to someone.  Write down and share your ups and downs (post comments here if you like).  NEVER lie or omit the things you eat / don't eat, you will only hurt yourself.  I like to track my foods and exercises, that way I can make sure my intake isn't out weighing my output!

Remember you are what you eat!  Stop ordering that take out, and stop shopping in the boxed food freezer section.  If you can't understand the ingredients you shouldn't eat it!  Get a jump start on your weight lose, get rid of  breads (for now all forms - loaf, wrap, pita, bagel), sugar (all forms FOR GOOD!), rice (for now ALL KINDS), Pasta (for know ALL KINDS), potatoes (except sweet), cereals (except oatmeal)  You may get a HUGE headache for a couple days, but then all of a sudden, WOW you feel great!  I still don't eat simple carbs, I find when I do I have a huge headache instantly, and that whole wheat pita just wasn't worth it.  I can post a menu plan for this type of diet if people would like??

I hope you can find some if not all of these points as helpful as I have!  Let me know what you would like to read about too!

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