Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How did I Get Here!?!

I looked in the mirror, and thought WHO IS THAT?  I could not believe that I was turning 29 and I looked and felt like a worn out old lady.  My skin was grey, my eyes were puffy, my butt was HUGE, and my belly button was no where to be found!  I was tired all the time, had migraines at least twice a week, and the THOUGHT of exercise exhausted me!  But this is the way it is right?  I kept telling myself that with 3 boys in all kinds of activities, a husband that works long stressful hours, and the fact that my boys STILL can't sleep through the night, this was my life!  Then my life changes forever!  After contracting a very serious bacteria from some well water they drank the boys became very ill.  My husband and I spent a couple very scary days holding our oldest as his fever  would spike and cause him to hallucinate.  Our family doctor said the only way to make sure this bacteria is completely gone from their system is to starve it and put them on a CRAZY VEGAN diet for 4 weeks (at the end of the 4 weeks we had a feast of  lean steak, we are all meat eater here! LOL!).  I was lost, how do you do this??  I got on the net researched, still lost.  Then a BFF came to my rescue, she brought me a bunch of vegan cook books, the best one: Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet for kids (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!).  It took countless hours of planning meals, prepping meals, and cooking meals, but after the first week I noticed a HUGE change not only in the way I felt, but the way the boys felt too. We were all up beat, less grumpy and I actually felt like I had enough energy to work out!!  So I started running and with motivation from my other BFF got up to 5 km by the middle of the summer.  I felt AWESOME, I looked better than I had in YEARS, and I had energy!  I thought at this pace I would be in great shape before my 30th (the goal I had set for myself).  Then, I put my back out in September.  I could barely walk, let alone RUN!  I felt awful, started eating junk, and regained the 40 lbs I had lost!  ARGH!  Frustrated with my self pitty my husband told me to get up, and get the personal trainer the chiropractor had recommended, and get strong again!  So I did.  I budgeted the finances, not a cheap venture but well worth it, and Started at Free Form Fitness in Kanata.  After just a couple weeks I felt back on top of the world, stronger, leaner, and had a TON more energy again.  Trust me I still have those days of TOTAL exhaustion, but knowing that I have to be accountable to my trainer makes a huge difference.  It stops me from eating the chocolate bar staring at me at the gas station, or deciding not to go to the gym cause I was up at 4 a.m.  I know that sometimes it feels like you will always just be the way you are, but trust me you don't have too!  Now just weeks away from my goal of being fit before 30, I can honestly say it has been  a  long hard journey, but one I wouldn't change!

~Make sure that every step you take is a step towards the person you really want to be

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