Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's always Sunnyside up? Not likely

Thursday MORNING - I roll over and look at the alarm clock.  5:45 a.m. already?  Can't be!  I was just up putting my sleepwalking 6 year old back to bed for the 4th time that night at 3 a.m. wasn't I??  How did this happen?  I debate hitting the snooze 5 times to get some extra ZZZZZ's but reality is that in less than an hour there will be demands for clean underpants, breakfast, and then a swarm of little people banging on my front door.  I drag my butt out of bed, have a quick shower, then stumble down the stairs to get my coffee that I believe the hubby has fresh brewed for us. But NO it is Thursday, so thi smorning my husband has turned the coffee maker on without filling it UP!! So now I wait the 10 mins (LONGEST 10 mins of my life!LOL!) to get my cup of joe.  Then I sit drink my coffee and star into space, exhausted!  It is Thursday morning, the morning that follows Monday Karate, Tuesday gym, Wednesday Karate, and proceeds Thursday gym, Friday Karate / gym and Saturday Canskate!  The morning I realize that I have forgetten to prep MY meals for the day, so it will be hard tostay on tract, the morning that the shower was cold cause someone was being "helpful" and turned on the dishwasher!!  It is the morning after the exhausting Wednesday kiddie day (without fail Wednesday is ALWAYS the day that someone is SUPER TIRED and grumpy, kids get the mid week blues too ya know!)  This is the morning I LOATH!! I can never seem to get up with energy this day, I always seem to want to sleep this day away.   I think it is a mind block, really how is this day any different than the rest?  Same busy schedule, same evening activities, same amount of cleaning to do.  It is the day I need to remind my self over and over how far I have come, how good I have done, and how much better I feel.  Today is the day I am usually short with people, have a negative FB status (LOL!), the day I yell at my hubby the second he walks in the door from work, and the only day of the week that I REALLY want my youngest to actually NAP with all the daycare kids!  It seems to happen almost every Thursday, silly isn't it?  However silly, it is my day to get my grump OUT and move on.  I always say, "It is what it is".  So I guess that is my Thursday, it is what it is, stop looking too deep into it and just be  self aware, or  should I say if you cross my path be aware, LOL!
So you see, we all have grumpy days, just don't let them out number your good ones!  Happy Thursday Everyone, and I will try to post something useful, like one of the many recipes and meal plans I have.

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