Friday, January 21, 2011


Hello Everyone!  So as I sit down to write this, it is 5:30 a.m., I have already bribed my oldest back into bed with his DS (awful parenting I know), just to get the time to blog for you.  Plus if he gets up now and wants breakfast, by the time we get him on the bus for school he will be starving!  BUT, really IT IS FRIDAY!! So all is good with the world today!

Today I will be posting some new recipes, my daily ab routine, and perhaps another menu if I have time.  I am working on a blog about the things we do stay healthy and avoid colds in our house too.  As soon as I am able to finish that I will post it too ( probably this weekend)  I want to make sure that I am blogging about things that people are actually interested in, or else really what is the point, so please become a "follower" make some comments, or "like" and comment on the link on facebook when I am on the right track for you.  Just want to make sure I stay relevant!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Don't forget to check out the other blogs too!

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