Friday, February 4, 2011

Lets Chat

This last year for me has not only been a journey to loose weight, but also has been a time to do some "soul searching".  I think for too long I let myself feel miserable, tired and overweight that I had lost who / what I really am.  I became content to go along with whoever others "thought" I should be, and I wasn't true to myself.  There have been a couple quotes that have been real thought provokers for me and I would like to share them with you and what they mean to me.

"Make sure that every step you take is a step towards the person you really want to be." 
This is what I told myself in January of 2010.  That was when I decided that I wanted to be happy both inside and out and feel better in my skin and the ONLY way I was going to be able to do that would be start walking in the right direction.  Whenever I feel like I am not being true to myself I read this over again. (or post it on FB, LOL).  Being on this journey has given me self confidence and helped me discover who I really am, and who I really want to be in this life.  Who I want to be remembered as(and no it isn't a June Cleaver wanna be!), who I want my children to model after.

"Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us." -- Thomas L. Holdcroft
When I hurt my back I felt like life had punched me out, I needed to make a choice,  Am I going to be ground down, or be polished up?  This quote really helped me see that I needed to get up and do this.  That was when I decided to join FFF, and doing so I feel like I have been "polished up"

"Sometimes the people you think won't "get you" at all, are the ones you relate to the most."
This was a hard lesson learned for me.  I have always been the "ugly duckling" in life, all through school, college, anywhere back home in general.  So I always assumed that people where never interested in me and put on the front that "they just won't get me" and never aloud myself to be friends with many people.  Don't get me wrong, I always try to be "friendly" but that was as far as it went.  As I started to feel better about myself and LOVE ME FOR ME, I noticed that I no longer had that wall.  People who I thought I could never relate too, I started have deep and interesting conversations with. And then I realized something, this next quote sums up.

"Often we miss out on great opportunities to know great people because of preconceived notions of who we "think" they are instead of finding out who they "really" are" 
Because of those walls I wonder how many people I passed over because I thought they were better than me and wouldn't want anything to do with me?  Or perhaps how many people I could have really connected with if I had only given them a chance.  There will always be those "what if" moments in life, the "I wonders".   I have just recently started to notice that there are so many people that I was wrong about.  There are people that I really thought I had nothing in common with, and that we could NEVER be friends with, but I have learned that I was so wrong about them.  There are people in my life that  I let my guard down to far, "connected" with and then have let them down and hurt them, or they hurt me (I think I need some lessons in judging character, lol).  I have learned that when you love who you are, you can just be yourself and the people in your life that truly love you always will.  They will always be part of your "family".

These next too I just really like, I think that they are so true!  Enjoy them!

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
-- Zig Ziglar ♥ it!

"You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted."

Is there a quote, song or inspiration that has helped you along the way?

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