Friday, February 18, 2011

Speed up YOUR Metabolism!

Rev up your metabolism and bet the fat burning by depending on these five foods / liquids.

1.  Water - keeps your body lean by helping the nutrients flow through it, and washing away waste and free radicals

2.  Lean Protein - Found in poultry, fish, bison, and egg whites keeps you feeling satisfied while helping your body burn through energy faster, resulting in a higher calorie burn.

3.  Fiber - Such as oatmeal, wheat germ, bran, flax and chia seed are great sources.  The provide steady, long lasting energy without the crashes that can accompany simple carbs.

4.  Black Coffee or Green tea - I refuse to give up coffee!  There have been recent research that suggests that these beverages raises your metabolism, increases concentration (being ADD I NEED all the help I can get, LOL!) and improves heart heath!

5.  Spices - such as jalapeno, habanero, and cayenne have thermogenic properties that speed up your heart and HEAT your body!  Your body then has to burn calories to cool down.  A study from Laval University in Quebec suggests that men who sipped coffee alongside spicy foods were able to burn up to 1000 more calories per day than the group who ate bland foods (ALRIGHTY THEN, breakfast is coffee and a jalapeno omelet today! LOL!)

"To Maintain a healthy weight you must nourish your body with high-quality food at regular intervals" - Tosca Reno

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