Friday, May 27, 2011

In recent cyber adventures...

So, like I promised I have been making my way around cyberspace to try to hook you up with some other really great blogs.  I have updated my "Blogs of Note" list for you to browse through.  I have also come across soem great blog connecting sites and I have posted the buttons around the site.  Make sure you check them out too.  Once I figure out how to create on of those cool pages with all the bloggers buttons on it I will hook you up with one of those pages too! 

My TOP 3 Favorites Right now are....

Not So Silent Mommy

Home C.E.O

Mom Swim Bike Run

Check them out, I know you will enjoy them!

Do you blog?Or do you offer a product or service that you would like featured on my blog? If you aren't on my lists and you would like to be send your link this way I would love to check it out!

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