Friday, May 27, 2011

Not So Silent Mommy: Friday Five

So Again this week Sarah did her Friday Five, and again I thought why not join in? Hope you don't mind Sarah, I never really asked you about it, perhaps one thing I should learn this week is to ask permission, NAH! Check Sarah's here AFTER you read MINE of course, hehhe. Keep in mind this has been a hard long week for me, so if I sound bitter, I AM! LOL!
Not So Silent Mommy: Friday Five

1. NEVER volunteer to coach a baseball team!
Unless of course you don't mind harassing emails from parents who believe that little Johnny is the next thing in PRO ball and "IF THE WEATHER OR CITY cancel one more game, YOU better be willing to put in YOUR TIME to make it up!" No kidding got harassing emails from partents!

2. It is not wise to spend a day in bed, you get VERY far behind!
3 boys + daycare kids + no laundry done + no cleaning + no meal prep = ONE LONG WEEK!!!

3. I live in a HOLE!
Can't explain it but this is how I feel!

4. Rainy miserable weather + see number 2 = ONE LONG WEEK!

5. Some people just think they are better than me and they think there kids are better than mine, so when a princess (a term a LOATH!!) throws a tempertantrum over something that my son has, Daddy will bully us to get it, even though when she was asked the first time if she would like said object she told my son that "GROSS! No that is so gross!" O well, when we live on our 100 acre farm we won't need to worry about it because there will be NO community park there! (YES I really am an antisocial hermit! Anyone that knows me knows I don't do well in large groups, I would really prefer 100 acres of garden, with 3 playing little men,one big handsome farmer husband (LOL O MY POOR HUBBY would NEVER do that for me!!) perhaps a horse, some chickens, a milking cow and a cute apron that says I "preserve" the moments! - hey that is cute!- and perhaps a little fresh produce and eggs stand at the end of the lane way.... I could dream for days..... )

So that's mine, what are YOURS??

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