Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Did I Get here, Continued....

I felt I should update you on my life, cause I assume you all really care about my journey.  And well if you don't then too bad, this is what I want to write about today, LOL!  This is where I left you at my last entry on How did I Get Here (click HERE to read the entire post)

"Trust me I still have those days of TOTAL exhaustion, but knowing that I have to be accountable to my trainer makes a huge difference. It stops me from eating the chocolate bar staring at me at the gas station, or deciding not to go to the gym cause I was up at 4 a.m. I know that sometimes it feels like you will always just be the way you are, but trust me you don't have too! Now just weeks away from my goal of being fit before 30, I can honestly say it has been a long hard journey, but one I wouldn't change!"

Once I finished with my trainer I still had about 10 lbs to loose to get to the goal I had set.  So I started on the Isagenix 30 day Program as you know if you have been following for a while.  I was able to get to my final goal  (after taking a trip on an emotional roller coaster) and I was so proud of myself,  Since that time I have been struggling to find the time and motivation to keep myself on track, some days it feels impossible to get in even a 5 min ab workout (like when you can't stop to fart!), and I keep thinking, "How the heck did I get to the trainer 2 times a week before?"  Then it hit me like a freight train travelling 100 km per hour, I NEED A GOAL! DUH!! These last (more than) couple weeks, I have been running crazy doing everything for everyone but myself.  I had no self drive or ambition, and it was because I had no goals to reach for.  I got to the weight I wanted, the body fat % I wanted, the energy level I wanted, the general well being I wanted, so know what?  Nothing left to work on right?  Wrong!  I just needed to set new goals, so that is what I did!  Now that the weight is gone, I can run again without my back hurting.  Slowly I have been breaking back into it, as running is something that I have always LOVED to do.  I am determined to do a 10 km run this fall, that is my goal!  I am going to work on getting to that, then who knows? But I realized that I really do need to practice what I preach, goals are so important I tell people that all the time, so why didn't I realize that for myself?  Who knew right, but I get it now.  Guess I just have to learn the hard way, lol! 

So here's to a new set of goals!  What are yours, I would love to hear them!

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