Monday, June 6, 2011

I am allergic to your BULL S%!& !!!!

Let me preface this blog post by saying I empathsize with all the parents that struggle day in and day out with children who have allergies.  I do believe that schools should be a nut free zone as they can cause death in some cases.  I have a little munchkin in my care that has many different and sever allergies so I understand the daily struggles.  This post IS NOT directed towards you at all!

Keep Away!
So Here GOES...

If you have been following me for a while you know that my kids are very sensitive to the wrong kinds of foods and for good reason ( if not read HERE).  Here is how the story goes....

School Secretary:  I have your son here in the office, we have had to confiscated your son's lunch. (YES she said confiscate, like I sent him to Gr.1 with a bag of weed and munchies!!) 

Me:  Ummm, OK? Can I ask Why?

SS: He has a fruit salad.

Me: Yes he does,  I made it this morning, is that a problem?

SS: There are children with Kiwi allergy.

Me: OK? Are they in his class?

SS: No, but there are kids with kiwi allergy.

Me: Is he running around the school threatening these children with chunks of KIWI?  I am confused, if the kid is not in his class or anywhere near my son, why do you have his lunch?

SS:  Allergies are very serious Mam me!  We do not allow kiwi, egg, nuts, fish, dairy, and prefer if you not bake your own food but send in foods that have been stamped allergy free! (yep DAIRY, apparently I am not supposed to send YOGURT EITHER!)

Me:  But my children can't eat them, they are full of chemicals and preservatives, I have to send them fresh real food.

SS:  Well we are giving him a chocolate bear paw (o great bring on the diarrhea!), and a slice of pizza (or perhaps constipation!)

Me:  I guess since you can't give him back his confiscated lunch bag (and by the way he didn't come home with the bag, they kept it and cleaned it out!) he is going to starve without them, and since I am without a vehicle there is NO WAY I can bring him anything else!

I am really confused, I can't bake a healthy no sugar, protein filled,  high fiber banana muffin for their lunch, I have to send them with a chemically preserved, sugar filled chocolate Bear Paw!  If I was to listen to the schools allowed foods my boys would spend there days in the bathroom!  So what are my options?  I am apparently not allowed to send anything that my kids normally eat.  The school sent home a news letter at the beginning of the year about how important "PROPER NUTRITION"is, apparently they missed the fact that 99% of the food labeled "allergy free" are full of chemicals!  So this is my question, When the forms come home that contain vital information about what my children are allergic too, and any other health concerns do I fill them in as follows?

Allergies: sever allergy to red dye, white and processed sugar, preservatives, processed foods and foods containing pesticides.

Will the school then "confiscate" all the lunches that arrive to school containing any of these things?  Will they call little Johnny's Mom who has a chocolate bear paw, a bag of chips and a bottle of sunny d then call his parents demanding different foods?  Or will little Ann's parents get a demand to remove all lollipops from the treat bags she sent for her birthday?  I think NOT!  So why then are my children's needs for real healthy and clean foods (and food I can actually afford) any different from those of a child who can't consume dairy because it causes hives??

Side Note:  My little man came home with a stomach ache, and was not able to eat his Pasta Taco Dinner I made him, then felt sluggish all night at his baseball.  If he were to eat like that everyday, he would be very ill.

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