Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A moment of Silence. A vent day Wednesday......

Have you ever been surrounded by constant noise for hours, no days, no weeks on end? Have you ever locked yourself in the bathroom praying for just ten seconds of peace, only to have the door busted in by a screaming child? What about those times where you go to the gym or down to the basement to work out and everyone seems to need / want something from you. You know the times. And WHY is it during the times you man (child) needs all your attention and feels neglected too.
As a Mom do you notice that quiet time is non exsistant? Even as a write this vent I have had to demand silence for the nappers at least seven times, I have turned head standing children right side up at least five times and I have told my youngest to keep his GD hands to himself at least a hundred times.
I feel spent, I need a moment of silence. But at rate I won't get one until my funeral..........
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