Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"I can't afford to eat like that....."

I hear this a lot from all kinds of different folks. I wanted to help you out. I have a family of 5, 3 of which are huge eaters! I budget and shop the flyer's and try my best to provide the best meals I can at the lowest prices I can. So I thought I would disperse some rumours about how expensive it is to eat healthy.

Tonight's Dinner - Vegan Tacos
2 cans of chick peas - on sale for .$.69 each
2 packages of whole wheat wraps - on sale 2 for $3
2 avocados - on sale 4 for $5 ( 2 for today, and 2 for my salad tomorrow)
Handful of cherry tomatoes - out of my garden
1/2 package organic Romain hearts - on sale for $3 per package
1/4 package old cheddar - on sale for $ 3.99 per package
1 tub non fat sour cream - $1.79

So help me out here, lets do the math, that comes to a grand total of .........


Yep, way less than $20!

Now I bet you that if I had bought the taco's on a box it would have been a lot more. I would need 2 boxes, which are about $5 dollars a box alone, plus the meats which are never really cheap, even when they are on sale! Then because we love the extra cheese, lettuce and avocado, we would still be purchasing those. So it would quickly add up to be more than double the cost, full of salts, preserves, and all kinds of weird things you just can't pronounce! And do you know how much they cost at the restaurant? We went to a burrito place once that was supposed to be fast, cheap and convenient but it ended up costing us over $50 for lunch!

Remember to think "outside the box". Get creative! Use your imagination, or google, which ever comes more natural to you.

The next time you think buying premade boxed unhealthy foods, or visiting that restaurant is a cheaper better option, consider how easy it is to eat healthy on a budget!
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