Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why I have Never Done the LSD....

Heading out for the Long Slow Distance
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LSD scares me!  I have conveniently been busy every Sunday when the group meets at 8 a.m. to do it.  Really, I am just not sure I am up for it!  I the thought of it, the comradary, the shared success, but it still frightens me.  I am always afraid that I won't finish.

I did a 7 km this weekend with my Biggest little man as my coach.  He road his bike (and looped me I might add at least 4 times so he really did at least 28 km!).  The entire time he was saying things like;


"Keep Going!! You are doing so great!"

"Watch this Mom, I am SOO much Faster than you!" 

"You run pretty far for an old lady!"

Little did he know that with each comment he was boosting his slow, old ladies confidence!  Not to mention the fact that I am really competitive so, I was trying to keep up with Mr. Speedygonzalas!

Last night at group we had a speaker come in.  He at the age of 69 started running, and he has been running for 10 years, AND he did the Boston as the only Canadian in his class!  After we headed out and did an eight K.  My partner and I did a steady run, and we where long gone ahead of all the others!  Well except this super speedy man, but I don't count him, he is a pro! HEEEHEE!  It felt great, and to be honest at the end of the 8, I was very upset it was over.  I really wanted to do more!

So I came home last night, and said to my hubby.  No more excuses, I am doing the LSD this weekend!  I was supposed to not be home, but things have changed, and my mindset has changed.  Instead of being afraid of the LSD, embrace it!  I am going to do my best and forget the rest!  I am going to show that young whipper snapper just what this slow old lady can really do!!

"You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any way you choose..."
                 ~ Dr. Seuss

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