Monday, September 19, 2011

The Daily grind......

Oh, good Morning Monday.
Sorry to be rude but I did not expect to see you here so soon.
It was like you just snuck up from no where!
I know you are invited to be here, but it feels like you abuse the invite sometimes.
Wasn't it just Friday's turn? What about Saturday, or Sunday?
Did they get a chance to come party?
I sure don't remember them being here.
Oo, yes you are right, they made their brief apparance again this week.
They brought with them, family make your own pizza night,karate, fair rides, grocery shopping, tree climbing at the dog park, house cleaning, birthday parties, and lunch / dinner preps!
I must have forgotten! They are just such little busy bodies those too, it is hard to keep track.
Just seems I see you more than them.
You bring your 5a.m. wake up calls, your "hey you better get dinner preped, cause you have 6 nights straight of karate now!" Attitude, and your "what do you mean your tired, didn't you just have a weekend" bull!
YOU bring a house full of over tired cranky kids, a migraine (and not from wine, because lets face it who had time to party with Saturday or Sunday, yheesh!)
YOU show up strutting your stuff, acting like everybody wants you, like we all say "I am soooo glad Monday finally arrived at the party!"

To be perfectly honest, who the hell invited you anyway? I would Much rather party with Friday, ANYTIME!!!
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