Friday, September 9, 2011

The last one.....

This is it, I promise! No more back to school talk after this one (well at least until next year). My youngest "baby" heads off to JK today! Yep, on the big yellow bus, to new worlds and new adventures! The teacher he has this year is great, my oldest had her, and we all loved her! I am so excited for 2 hours to myself, I could burst (just being honest). I don't really have much more to say, So I thought I would share my back to school photos, and this story....

2 a.m.
"mom, mom, MOMMY!"
"Is it school bus time?"
"I know but u need sleep! Go back to bed!"
"k mmmooooommmm"

3 a.m.
Repeat previous conversation

4 a.m
Repeat previous conversation

5 a.m.
New conversation......
In tears " Mom, the bus forgot me!"
"No hun, it is still dark the bus doesn't come till after lunch"
"Are you sure?"
"yeah, very!"
"k mom, cause i sided!"

Well, at least he is sided (code for excited) for school!

Now, the school bus finally come he was smiling from ear to ear as he got on the bus finally, and I got to have a shower, do my hair, put on a face, and now I am watching recipe girl ALL ALONE! JOY! I do miss him, but for now, this is nice!
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