Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out....

I have something I want to say, it has been buggin' me for a while now.  I was over at Shell's Blog "Things I Can't Say!"  Reading some of the Pour Your Heart Out Posts, and I realized, I am allow to speak my heart, just like that all the other amazing bloggers are.  So here goes,,,,

I am a bad Mommy

It is back to school time, and I am reading all the post, blogs, comments about "how much Mommy is going to miss little Johnny / Janie as they trot off to school", but mine all say "YEAH, ALL MY BOYS ARE GOING TO SCHOOL". 

I have waited all year to send my youngest to school, to have 2 hours of quiet time (as long as all the daycare kids NAP!), to be able to have a pee in peace once a day!!

I am excited to kiss my boys and send them off on the bus, to see them explore the world through school, meet new people, and grow their Independence from hubby and I. 

I don't want them to feel like they need me all the time, I want them to be strong independent young men.

I told the teacher that my youngest is a handful, that he tests me ALL THE TIME, and that I am looking forward to him being in school. 

I warned her that he is NOTHING like my "people pleasing" oldest that she had 2 years ago , or the "enthusiastic about school" middle son she met last year, and to be prepared! 

Knowing that 99% of parents boast about "How Great Johnny IS!" I probably seemed like such a bad mother, warning her about all the things she will have to watch out for like the infamous "I CAN'T!!".

I am a bad mother for looking forward to having a NAP in the afternoon when I need one, watching my "recipe girl" in peace without being told a MILLION TIMES "I HATE THAT!".

I am looking forward to having one day a week to fold and put away ALL the laundry I washed over the weekend, because I won't have any "helpers"

I am just looking forward to school, and in reality I wish our school had full day every day JK


That is my Pour Your Heart Out!

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