Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I haven't run in 2 weeks. Haven't even attempted it! I did a couple walks, but I wouldn't even class them as a power walk, just a walk!

So last night was Running Clinic at The Running Room.

We had a guest speaker.

He spoke on the biomechanics of running, and how 80% of us do it wrong, and guess what I don't fit into the 20% that do it right!

I am a heal striker, and a heavy one! That is why I always buy the fancy extra cushy heal runners. BUT apparently, this is not always the thing!

So the speaker gave us suggestions on how we can correct or running style, and pointers on the proper way to run.

Then we went for a 6 km run, and for 6 km I was thinking "do this, not that, lean forward, ect, ect, ect".

The run felt great, less struggle, and less exhausting!

Then I woke up this morning, ouch! I hurt! I used muscles that I don't normally use to run. My back feels great, but the rest of me hurts, ha ha!

But ya know, I think I will keep up this new running style, time to get back on track!


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