Thursday, October 6, 2011

PYHO - Frustration

Today I am linking back to Shell's PYHO at Things I Can't Say.  Make sure to go check her out over there, you never know you may just find someone that you can relate to.

Here goes.....


My oldest son is in Gr. 2, but not reading at a Gr.2 level.

We have hired tutors, we have spent hours reading, practicing his printing, doing letter recognition.

We have spent money on work books, journals, flash cards, and pencils (he sharpens his pencils when he is frustrated and therefore we have gone through MANY!)

 He is so concerned with being perfect that he often won't even try.  He prefers to "JUST NOT DO IT"

He is a physical little boy, loves to play, run and climb.  Yet when is comes to reading, "he is too tired".

We have met with his teacher, and now have a new strategy.  We are going to try yet another new approach.

But how much focus can you give one child before the others start to suffer?

Middle Man has been transferred classes.  He is in with a teacher he had last year, she was great, the constant sub teachers weren't.

This year for middle man is critical. He needs to do well and get preped to go to Gr.1. 

Middle Man came home from school yesterday, stressed!  The class was given the news, he is very upset, and asked if he can skip to Gr.7, the grade the teacher he started the year with is going to teach. 

Youngest son is acting out, he wants attention!  We struggle with him to allow us the time to work with the oldest. 

Every night is a frustrating battle, and we still have at least 13 more years to go.......

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